Who We Are

Coach David (he/she/they/them) – The Fit O.G.

What’s up homie! My name is David Oseguera Goetz and I am the Owner and Head Coach here at The Fit O.G. LLC. I have been certified as a personal trainer through NASM but my passion for uplifting others & making a positive impact sets myself apart from the rest.

Aside from my personal training qualifications, I have also had my own weight loss success. I lost almost 60 pounds from late 2015 to mid 2016 AND started eating vegan only foods that same year. I’ve participated in 5k races, half-marathons, and played in local sporting activities despite being born with asthma.

“There is value here for those willing to learn and modify their habits. You’ll find greater success in building sustainable habits for the lifestyle you want than you will following any popular on-demand programs.” – Coach David

My short time in this industry has given me much insight into many of the problems we face with health, fitness, & wellness. To start, it is widely known & scientifically proven that eating plant-based foods is sustainable & necessary to improve our environment. Yet, many fitness pros will still argue there isn’t enough protein in such a diet (there is) among other arguments.
Among other things, I found the fitness industry lacks compassion, diversity, and can be rather toxic even. My goal is to be better than that and to provide my clients with the best service available to them.

Our Mission

We believe in a clean, cruelty-free, sustainable world where we can all live abundantly and authentically! We understand that is a tall order, but we’ll never achieve our mission by simply hoping for better. We must take consistent, intentional, and inspired action. The effort we put into our own self-care will be the light and direction for others to follow.

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